INFOS studio

In our vibrant, abstract works, NEUEFORM.STUDIO [founded by Hakim Abel Ben Youcef in 2007] develops a visual language based on a systematic use of forms. The studio explores all possibilities and declinations given by his vocabulary within self-set boundaries to push the system to its breaking point. Our compositions are made in a conscious improvisation mode and range from portraits to abstract compositions. We always include playful repetitions and form variations. Our research also leads us to work with performances and multimedia installations through a constant search of an exact visual language. The process is pushed further, with each work.

  • Act Up Paris
  • Arte Editions
  • Loco Editions
  • KünstschlossHaus Balmoral
  • Laden 5
  • agnès b
  • APEC
  • Service Civique
  • Oxfam
  • SFR
  • Carribbean MOKE
  • KulturHavn Music Festival
  • The Dissident
  • Léa Nature
  • Handitecma
  • Métrocable (Grenoble)
  • 360° Creative
  • Démocratic Books


    Hakim Abel Ben Youcef [Hakeem b] is gratuated from the Superior National Fine Arts School of Dijon and le Studio du Fresnoy (National Studio of Contemporary Arts/Promotion Sartre-Beauvoir). Hakeem b works with the videographic medium, passing through programming design. His theme are politics, electronics and aesthetics. Hakeem b was represented in Spain by C5Colleccion gallery, in France by Schirman de Beaucé gallery, and in Norway by GAD gallery and won many awards (Art Residencies) around the world.

  • International Ate at Phatspace Gallery-curated by Jennyfer Duncan-Sydney
  • Come cross the limit at FIESP-curated by Fernanda de Almeida-Sao Paulo
  • /SI:N/ at Al ma’mal Foundation-curated by Marc Mercier-Jerusalem East
  • Télémétries at La Cinemathèque de Montréal-curated by Frédéric Dumont-Montréal
  • Bien à vous at the Redbrick Art Center-curated by Philippe Laleu-Yokohama
  • I wanted you less dumb at La Friche Belle de Mai-curated by Marc Mercier-Marseille
  • La ville devenue corps at MNAM de Paris-curated by François Michaud-Paris
  • 50 ans d'art vidéo at la Bibliotheca-curated by Marc Mercier-Alexandria
  • Way Up at The State Ermitage-curated by Viktoria Ilyushkina-St Petersburg
  • Sea symposium at Qaytbey Citadel-curated by Haytham Nawar-Alexandria
  • Path at Field Art Project Gallery-curated by Jill Conner-Amory Show-New York
  • Une nuit des images at La Grande Nef du Grand Palais-curated by Alain Fleisher-Paris (...)